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Happy Purim! Here's How to Be Happy Today

I love Purim because it is so packed with pleasant mitzvahs, it's almost hard to fit them all into just one day! We listen to the megillah in the evening and the morning - whizzing, banging and booing Haman's name. Then we send shaloch manos, baskets of treats to our friends and families in need, give gifts of money to people who are less fortunate than we are, and enjoy a delicious Purim feast. 
Purim is a day to be happy. A day to forget about our physical problems, material problems, even our spiritual problems. Forgetting our problems on Purim doesn't mean getting drunk and ignoring our problems, hoping they will go away. It means, knowing that G-d is everywhere and also in YOUR life. When our relationship with G-d is strong, all of our problems are solved, so don't tell G-d how big your problems are. Tell your problems how big G-d is!
Purim is such a busy day, it's hard to remember that it's a powerful time to pray. Purim is a day when EVERYTHING can turn around for the good. So, be sure to take some time to talk to G-d and ask for everything you need and for the protection of the Jewish people. There is a meditation I like to do while I'm twirling the Purim gragger, the special noisemaker we use to blot out the name of the evil Haman who tried to destroy the Jews. I ask G-d to turn around everything that doesn't look good in my life and in the world - to turn those things around so that they will look good and BE good!

Happy Purim from the Shagalovs!

The Artnotes above are from my newest coloring book for families and adults called, "Happy Purim!" (see below). 

Holy Sparks Book News

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