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Moshiach Seudah - The Feast of Liberation


Greetings & Blessings!

This morning, just before I woke up I had a wonderful dream that I wanted to share with you. I dreamed that it was the last day of Passover. We were sitting down at the last meal, the special Feast of Moshiach (the Jewish leader who will redeem Israel in the End of Days), eating matzah, drinking the four cups of wine, telling stories and singing. Suddenly, we heard the great shofar that signals the arrival of Moshiach! We ran out to the street - everyone ran out of their homes - and that's when I woke up. It felt like a true dream - you know, the kind that will really happen - may it be so!

Moshiach's Seudah is intended to deepen our awareness of Moshiach and integrate that consciousness into our lives. Passover teaches us how to be liberated from and overcome our limitations. In ancient times, our limitations were externally imposed by Pharoah. Now, our limitations are usually internal expectations, doubts, fears, and desires that narrow the possibilities for magnificence and reaching greatness in our lives.

At this special meal (this year on Saturday afternoon, or in Israel on Friday afternoon), we eat matzah and drink four cups of wine or grape juice so that the holiness and liberation of the festival will permeate our physical being and transform us. Then we can transform everything that we do, and everyone that we meet with this sparkly awareness of the G-dliness of Creation.

We call this final day of Passover, "Acharon shel Pesach," the last day of Passover. Why? When Moshiach comes, a similar transformation will occur throughout all of creation. Even the material world will reveal G‑dliness. We demonstrate our faith that this Pesach will be the last one in exile - May it be so, AMEN!

So, my friend, what are your hopes and dreams for liberation in your own life this year? How do you want to grow? I'd really like to know, so please comment below and share your thoughts with me - and tell me if you thought it was a true dream!

The last day of Passover is filled with a powerful spiritual light and I didn't want you to miss it, The Artnotes above will help you grab the light and make the most of it. The Artnotes show you how you can lead your own Moshiach Seudah to inspire and liberate yourself, your family and friends for the whole year. It's one of 30 Artnotes (and 101 Soul Tips) in my Passover Soul Kit which is on sale only until Sunday.

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Have a happy & kosher Passover! Shabbat Shalom! 

My Blessing To You

May you be blessed with a complete and true liberation, as you leap over all of your limitations with joyful ease  and with your faith strong, revealing sparkles of holiness wherever you are!

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