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Happy Birthday Quotes, Sayings & Blessings for You

Today is my Jewish birthday,
A day of special power for blessing. 

I wanted to be sure to send a note with a blessing for you-
and here it is!

Happy Birthday Quotes, Sayings & Blessings for You

A blessing brings down a high and holy light which elevates 
the holy sparks that are in what is being blessed. 
I hope my blessing above will elevate the holy sparks 
in you today with the greatest, most delightful elevation in your life!

Your mazel, the celestial influence on your soul, is very strong
on your birthday, and infuses your power of blessing others with good. 
Such a blessing can help you break through any barriers when you accept it with joy.

Saying, "Mazel tov!" to someone who is celebrating a birthday 
or other happy occasion also brings very powerful energy. 
Sharing joy increases it beyond what anyone could experience individually. 
As one of my teachers, Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburgh said, 
"May you have an infinite smile on the inside and the outside!"

So, I hope you will give me a hearty, "Mazel tov!" and send me a birthday blessing, too.

Here's My Birthday Blessing To You-
May you  have an infinite smile, on the inside and the outside, and a very  happy, healthy, holy life filled with love, good health, abundant livelihood, and much success in your life and your special purpose!

Please leave your birthday greetings,
quotes, sayings and blessings
in the comments section below!

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