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It's Elul. You Know You Should Be Doing This But Are You?

Today is my last day of summer vacation and I feel both sad and excited at the same time. The long two months of intense creativity working on new books and art to share with you are almost over, soon to be filled with laughing children, creating new things in our Library Talent Center. 
I think this is my favorite time of year. I am a quiet, thoughtful person by nature and the spiritual energy of this month, Elul, is designed for getting up close and personal with the Master of the Universe.
The Hebrew month of Elul is the most auspicious time of the whole year for spiritual introspection. It's such an awesome gift from the Master of the universe - a full 30 days to prepare and focus on our spiritual growth a little bit, every day, with Divine assistance, from now until Rosh Hashanah. 
But, I find it so difficult to get started! Life is so busy and I get so distracted. Is it like that for you, too? So, I created something fun and new to help me get in the mood and I thought you might like it, too.
You know you should be starting the deep, inner work to prepare for Rosh Hashannah and the New Year. But how should you begin? What should you do? And who has time, anyway?!!!
NEW! Introducing...
​The New "Return to G-d" Soul Kit
Now, there's a new, creative way to get into your deep introspective Soul Work! 

Elul is the time to think about 
what you want to accomplish
on Rosh Hoshanah and for the whole year.
But, how do you do Teshuvah (returning to G-d)?
And isn't it kind of hard?

Your soul is longing to connect
while The King Is In The Field, right?
Me, too.
So, I put together my "Return To G-d Soul Kit"
for us to have some fun and focus together.
We can do it!
It's on sale now, and less than $15.
It's an immediate download for you
so you can get started right now.
Click HERE and join me, won't you?


  • 28 beautiful Artnotes to surround yourself with inspiration
  • 21 Soul Adventures - a fun, creative way to do introspection!
  • 12 Coloring Pages for the whole family to discuss how to make good life changes

My Blessing To You, Rae, May you  be written and sealed for a  good, and sweet, year!
Have a Good Shabbos - Shabbat Shalom!

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