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A Purim Miracle - When I Almost Lost My Life

Purim Coloring Book & Purim Gift

A Purim Miracle

This coming Shabbos, we bless the new month of Adar.

A few years ago on Rosh Chodesh Adar, I was rushing from simcha to simcha. Rosh Chodesh celebrates the new Hebrew month and Adar brings in the spiritual energy of great joy and happiness for the entire month.

On that lovely day I was trying to show up to say Mazel Tov at two bar mitzvahs, an uspshernish (birthday party for a friend’s 3 year old boy), and also to go to a special dinner where my husband, Rabbi Shagalov would be the guest speaker.

I also had to complete a special mitzvah that I do once a month helping a woman who is mentally ill, visit her children which requires about 3 hours of travel time.

Whew! The day was packed with good things.

The month of Adar is a very auspicious month because it contains the holiday of Purim which celebrates the miraculous turnaround that saved the Jewish people from immanent destruction (more about that next week, G-d willing). 

The first two days of the month, Rosh Chodesh Adar are especially auspicious.

The Shocking Thing That Happened!

Imagine my great surprise and shock when on this spiritually powerful day charged with the energy of joy and happiness, while in the middle of doing a great mitzvah, on a day full of mitzvahs, a big car ran a red light and smashed full speed into the driver’s side of my car.

Miraculously, although my car was completely ruined, I survived with only a few bruises.

But in that moment of impact, I knew with complete certainty that there was absolutely NOTHING I could do but cry out to G-d to save me.

A few minutes later I was thanking G-d over and over again for His kindness.

The Truth Hidden in EVERY Moment

It inspired me to create the Artnote above, and it made me realize that EVERY moment is really like that.

True, we have to make our efforts in life, but the true reality is that G-d is creating us and saving us in every moment of life.

If we live with this consciousness, we would be thanking G-d for His kindness every
single second of the day.

What do you think we can learn from a powerful experience like this?
For what special things are you especially thankful to G-d?
What miracles have happened to you?
I'd love to know!

Please share your thoughts with our Joyfully Jewish Holy Sparks community in the comments below.

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