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God Quotes

God Quotes


This art is from Rae's book The Secret Art of Talking to God - available HERE.


Imagine that your boss told you that he values you so much that he has chosen YOU to receive a special gift, a bonus more valuable than anything you have ever received before in your entire life!

It is a gift so precious and rare that he can’t give it to you immediately. It’s going to take some time to prepare for it. In 50 days you are going to get this special gift.

Can you imagine how excited you would be? You would look forward to receiving this precious gift with such great anticipation that you’d be counting the days.

Today is day one… just 49 more days to go!

That’s exactly what we are in the middle of doing right now. Starting from the second night of Passover, we began counting the Omer – 49 days until we receive the Torah from G-d again on the holy day of Shavuous, the 50th day.

During each day we are refining unique aspects of our character as we count the omer. This reminds us that as we count each day, we must make each day count.


In this moment, G-d is creating all of creation and He is counting on YOU, depending on you, waiting for you to do your special mitzvahs the right way.

With all of your heart.

In every one of your challenges, G-d is right by you, penetrating every part of your being, watching to see if you are serving Him properly, because everything DEPENDS ON YOU!

You are it! Everything you do is so important!

Everything you do has enormous potential.

For good or not so good, you choose.

When you do a mitzvah, G-d shines His light through you into this world. It doesn't have to be perfect. 

All you have to do is STRIVE to be a little more,
a little better than before.

What do you think G-d choose you for?

We have our plans. We have our goals. We have our vision of what we expect from life.

Then the problems come.

Are the problems something separate from our lives that are attacking our purpose?

Or are our problems at the core and purpose of our lives?

What's your opinion?

Nobody likes problems - you should never know from them!

But if those particular problems are in your life, then those problems are meant to help you develop and transform your life.

These are the challenges G-d is trusting you with.

In His infinite kindness G-d chose to need little, tiny us.

Quotes About God
A Chassidic Teaching:

It was said of Reb Simcha Bunem that he carried two slips of paper, one in each pocket.

On one he wrote: Bishvili nivra ha-olam—“for my sake the world was created.”

On the other he wrote: V’anokhi afar v’efer”—“I am but dust and ashes.”

He would take out each slip of paper as necessary, as a reminder to himself.


God says to the proud person: This world is not big enough for you and me!

So in one pocket we keep a little card that says:

God created the whole entire world for me so that I would do a little good in it.

In the other pocket we keep a little card that says:

I am dust and ashes.

Just a little speck of nothingness.

So little that I don’t get in the way of God.

In this way, we stay balanced.

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He is King over all the words; the ultimate Master.

He fills and surrounds the world. He is within the world and outside the world and is the life force of everything that exists.

He creates the world for one person - YOU.

So that you would chose to do His will and crown Him king.

You are so precious in the eyes of God!

God chose YOU to be in your special corner of the world with all of your struggles to bring light into your situation for all of those around you.

God chose to care about us.

Our world is the world of matter. In this world things matter.

We have no choice but to care also.

Receiving the Torah at Sinai was the commitment of all commitments, for all generations throughout all time.

We benefit from the merit of our ancestors, but they also benefit from us. WE are the children and grandchildren who were committed to Torah by our ancestors so many generations ago.

On the level of Choseness all Jews are equal.

Equal treasures in the eyes of God. Every Jew was given a portion of this world to direct and develop, to elevate and make holy.

Our job is to bring Godly awareness to an ungodly world.

The Jews were overwhelmed with Love.

God chose us.

God and Me
What does it mean to be chosen?

To be chosen is a bond.

A choice based on something is not a free choice. The better qualities influence you to choose it.

True choice can only be between two completely equal things.

Things are constantly choosing us through attraction ~Choose me!

I’m better, cheaper, more valuable, shinier - take me!

God chose us, not because of our virtues, but because of our infinite, essential bond.

God said: “You will be my special treasure.”

A Holy people separated, transcendent, attached to the Holiness of God.


Attached to the Creator, not the creation!

Infinitely precious!

That’s YOU, my friend, infinitely precious in the eyes of God.

YOU are God’s special treasure –

And don’t you ever forget that!!!


God Quotes from Rabbi Reuven Wolf and Rabbi Manis Friedman

The featured image is from my book, The Secret Art of Talking to God: 30 Day Creative Prayer Journal of Jewish Meditation available on Amazon here.

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