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Happy Purim! Are You Using Your Secret Power Today?

Happy Purim My Friend!​​​​​​​ 
Today is Purim and the spiritual energy of the day is "ve'nahapoch hu," which means "it will be turned over". Purim is a very powerful day to pray that whatever in your life needs to change and get better will be turned around! 

You have tremendous divine assistance today - so go for it!
Ask for whatever you need, all day long. Make pockets of time to talk to G-d from your heart today, no matter how busy you are! I've seen it work miraculously in my own life.

I received such an interesting question from Jen about my last email, I wanted to share it and ask for your opinion, too. Here's the question:
"Hi Rae, 
Thank you so much for sending these emails and sharing your love of Jewishness and Torah. I always look forward to them! I had a question about one thing you said in the email - 
"'Esther made a brave choice. But first she had to feel that G-d’s loving hands were supporting her and that a divine hug and kiss were waiting for her on the other side of her choice' 
"When in the megillah do you see Hashem's loving hands supporting her? Mordechai kind of gave her an ultimatum and she then made her choice. And yes, while it turned out that her choice was the brave one as opposed to the easy one of hiding behind the palace doors, where do we see the supporting hands of G-d? I hope the question is coming out right - not at all challenging you, just wondering where you see this or where you came across this idea."
This is such a great question. What I especially love about it is that in the spirit of Purim, if you flip the problem, the solution appears, right in the very same place.
I suppose you could read Mordechai's statement as an ultimatum as in "Do this or you and your family will be lost," OR you could focus on his main message which was the CERTAINTY that relief and salvation will come, one way or another.
"Do not think that you will escape the fate of all the Jews by being in the king's palace. For if you will remain silent at this time, relief and salvation will come to the Jews from another source, and you and the house of your father will be lost. And who knows if it is not for just such a time that you reached this royal position."
I can't point to a source for this, but I think Esther felt Mordechai's unwavering truth, a certainty beyond faith that the Jewish people would be saved, and that is what gave Esther the courage to be the instrument for that salvation.
My teacher, Rabbi Reuven Wolf gave a fascinating lecture this week on how Mordechai acquired that certainty that G-d's loving hands were supporting them, even when the situation seemed totally dire - which you can listen to HERE.

Now I'm going to flip Jen's question around and toss it to you, my friend.
Where in the megillah (and in your own life) do you NOT see G-d's loving hands supporting Esther (or YOU)? You see, the funny thing about the megillah is that G-d's name is not mentioned even once! And yet, you can see G-d's loving hand in every turn of events in Esther's story - and in your own story, too!
Look for it. 
Learn chassidic teachings. 
Keep asking questions!
Reach out for support from your rabbi, rebbetzin, family and friends.
So, my friend, what do you hope will turn around for you today?
Where do you see G-d's loving hands supporting you in your life? 
Comment below and tell me! And send us your questions. Rabbi Shagalov and I love them!
Happy Purim!
See my blessing below.

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May you be blessed that everything negative in your life turns around to be positive and that you will always feel the loving support of G-d in your life every minute of the day. May the day come soon that all of our "oy" is transformed to giggles of joy when all that is concealed will be revealed - especially Moshiach!
Rae Shagalov
Author, Master Calligrapher & Chief Doodler

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