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What's the Secret of Oy to Joy? [Soul Tips]

Greetings & Blessings My Friend!​​​​​​​  There’s a game my little grandson Tuvya loves to play. It goes like this: I hug him really close and kiss him a gazillion times. Then with my hands underneath him, fully supporting him, I pretend to drop him. Oh, does he giggle! He loves it. Then, up for a big hug and more kisses… And then – whoops! Down he goes with more giggles. Then up again for more kisses. Have you ever played this game with a toddler?   Why do they love this game so much? Why aren’t they scared when we pretend to drop them? Why do they enjoy the "joy to oy" experience so gleefully? They know that our loving hands...

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The New Month of Menachem Av - Is Something Troubling You?

  Greetings & Blessings! Can you imagine what it would be like to be homeless?Today is Rosh Chodesh Menachem-Av. This month brings with it a deep sadness for our broken world and the things we lack – especially our Holy Temple, the Bais Hamikdash, that is G-d's home in this world. Imagine - the Master of the Universe, Who is everything, and has everything, is homeless in our world! Do you know why G-d even created this world? To build a home here – and now it's smashed in ruins!Have you ever wondered why the chassan, (groom) smashes the glass at the end of the Jewish wedding ceremony? As our holy sages teach us, even in the midst of our greatest...

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Happy Birthday Quotes, Sayings & Blessings for You

Today is my Jewish birthday, A day of special power for blessing. Here are some Happy Birthday Quotes, Sayings & Blessings for You, and, of course, some Artnotes, too!

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Jewish Beliefs - What is Prayer, Really?

Jewish Beliefs - PrayerShema Yisrael - The Oneness of G-d What are our Jewish beliefs about prayer? What if a prayer isn't answered? What if our lives are endangered? We shouldn't be broken and we should stay together as one people, one nation, one family, remembering that...

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Jewish Beliefs in Action

Jewish Beliefs Include Turning Our Talents Into Mitzvahs.  Little by Little, Our Ordinary Everyday Mitzvahs Add Up to Greatness. Just look at Lillian. I have no idea if...  

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