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What's the Secret of Oy to Joy? [Soul Tips]

Greetings & Blessings My Friend!​​​​​​​  There’s a game my little grandson Tuvya loves to play. It goes like this: I hug him really close and kiss him a gazillion times. Then with my hands underneath him, fully supporting him, I pretend to drop him. Oh, does he giggle! He loves it. Then, up for a big hug and more kisses… And then – whoops! Down he goes with more giggles. Then up again for more kisses. Have you ever played this game with a toddler?   Why do they love this game so much? Why aren’t they scared when we pretend to drop them? Why do they enjoy the "joy to oy" experience so gleefully? They know that our loving hands...

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The Purim Trickster

¡¡ɯıɹnԀ uǝɥɔıןıǝɹℲ ∀ Greetings & Blessings! Today is the joyful holiday of Purim - as jam-packed with mitzvahs as the special three-cornered hamantaschen cookies we eat to remember how the evil Haman, who wanted to destroy the Jewish people, was tricked and defeated. We hear the great story of courage in the Book of Esther, give gifts to the poor, exchange baskets of goodies, and eat the Purim feast. Once, I was having a conversation with some 3rd grade girls. Their teacher brought them to the library where I run my creativity program and asked, "We're studying trickster tales. Could you please tell the girls a Jewish trickster tale?"A Jewish trickster tale? That's an unusual request. I love to encourage children to figure things...

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