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The Return to G-d Soul Kit
The Return to G-d Soul Kit

The Return to G-d Soul Kit

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You Know You Should Be Starting the Deep, Inner Work to Prepare for Rosh Hoshanah,

But How Should You Begin?
What Should You Do?
And Who Has Time, Anyway?!!!

I invite you to take a 3 minute pause in this busy time to join me on a video Soul Journey:

Elul is the time to think about what you want to accomplish on Rosh Hoshanah and for the whole year.

But, how do you do Teshuvah?
And isn't it kind of hard?

Now, there's a new, creative way to get into the deep introspective Soul Work! 


  • 28 beautiful Artnotes to surround yourself with inspiration
  • 21 Soul Adventures - a fun, creative way to do introspection!
  • 12 Coloring Pages for the whole family to discuss how to make good life changes

    Download and print
    For the whole family!

    • Interesting Conversation Starters for Your Children
    • Creative Ways to Get Deeper into Your Soul Work
    • Meditative Coloring Pages
    • Art to Put Up All Around Your House to Set the Tone for Elul and Rosh Hoshanah, Yom Kippur and the 10 Days of Awe

      Do the spiritual work of Elul in a fun, creative way!


      The Winds of Elul are Blowing!
      It's Time to Make a Change.

      The Jewish month of Elul has a very special spiritual energy for fixing past mistakes, clearing out the dust and stains of actions and behaviors that don’t reflect who we really want to be, and creating a new closeness with G-d.

      The spiritual power of the month of Elul is explained by a beautiful parable given by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch:

      “Once each year, a very mighty king leaves his palace, his guards, his finery, and goes out into the field to meet with his subjects. At that time, they can ask of him anything they wish. They do not need to wait in long lines, go through security checks, be announced ceremoniously. They can speak with him without hesitation. When the king returns to his palace, his subjects will once again have to go through all kinds of protocol to meet with him. So, of course, his subjects make the most of the opportunity.”

      The King of the Universe Is in the Field Right Now!
      Ignite Your Spark!

      The "Return to G-d" Soul Kit E-book is designed to inspire you with beautiful calligraphy Artnotes and inspirational quotes, and guided Soul Adventures to help you prepare to "greet the King in the field."

      Sometimes, it’s hard to do a sincere, life-changing, search of the soul to discover where we have left the path of G-dliness, and what we need to do to return.

      With the help of G-d, the “Return to G-d” Soul Kit will help you accomplish this deep introspection and bring out the Holy Sparks in your life in a creative and fun way.

      Featuring Rae Shagalov's inspiring calligraphy Artnotes from classes given in Los Angeles by:
      Rabbi Shimon Raichik
      Rabbi Elchonon Tauber
      Mrs. Chana Rachel Schusterman
      Mrs. Olivia Schwartz
      Mrs. Shira Smiles
      Mrs. Chavi Panet
      Mrs. Etti Rafi

      ... and 21 Guided Soul Adventures to help you do an Accounting of the Soul and take the first steps of change.

      Remember your soul needs nurturing, too!
      Reconnect and strengthen your relationship with G-d!

      P.S. You will LOVE having these beautiful Artnotes reminders on your walls, in your car, on your fridge – wherever you need an extra boost of light to help you remember that G-d loves you and is waiting for you to return.

      P.P.S. Would you like to share the video at the top of this page to inspire your family and friends? Here's the link to copy and paste, and send in an e-mail:

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      All Holy Sparks Art Downloads and Coloring Pages are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Print out as many as you like for your personal use only, including family members living with you. Please do not share these files, post for resale or redistribute via other channels.

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