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Happy Purim! Family & Adult Coloring Book
Happy Purim! Family & Adult Coloring Book

Happy Purim! Family & Adult Coloring Book

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"”Happy Purim" is the second book in the "Color Your Soul" series of family and adult coloring books that integrate the relaxing, meditative art of coloring with deep Chassidic secrets of Judaism. It includes fun designs to color and unique Jewish quotes from contemporary Jewish masters written in beautiful calligraphy. There are labels and cards in various sizes that you can customize and use for your shalach manos, and any page can enhance your Purim gifts, rolled up as a scroll and tied with a ribbon.  

Includes 20 coloring pages plus 7 styles of cards and labels in various sizes. 

This is a GREAT deal because you can print out as many as you like for your personal use, including family members living with you. You may also give printed versions as gifts after you have colored them in or added your own created touches, and if you are a classroom teacher, you may also print for the students in your class.

Coloring is a very relaxing, peaceful, meditative activity. As you color in the pages, contemplate the Artnotes thoughts on them and try to internalize them. If you’re doing this as a family activity, discuss the ideas while you color them in together. Afterwards, hang up these beautiful family treasures around your home to set a Happy Purim tone.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital file that you can instantly download and print. There is no physical product.

Look for the big "DOWNLOAD NOW" button after payment. You will also receive the download link via email.

For best results, print out on good quality paper. If you are making Purim cards, print out on card stock. For labels, use full-sheet label stock. If you are making posters for your walls, or scrolls to give as gifts, print out on regular or parchment-type paper.

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