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Deepen Your Relationship With G-d
Through Prayer & Meditation!

Speaking to the Master of the Universe is Easy – or is it?
How This Book Will Help You:

This beautiful book will help you start and maintain a consistent, daily prayer and meditation practice with 30 days of Inspirational Torah thoughts in calligraphy, meditation starters and creative journal prompts. This free sample includes beautiful Artnotes you can print and frame, and a Soul Adventure with a meditation starter and creative journal prompt. After you sign up, watch for a confirmation email. After you click on the link in that email, you will be taken to a page where you can download your gift. 

You already talk to G-d? 
Great! You will love that each Soul Adventure in the book focuses on a unique theme to help you develop the nuances of your soul and deepen your relationship with G-d. 

Never tried to talk to G-d before? 
These Soul Adventures and meditations will guide you through a magnificent inner journey into your own soul. Enjoy the journey!

Here Is a Radio Interview About the Book on Rabbi Finman's show, "The Jewish Hour"

"A gem of a book!"

Rae Shagalov's beautiful book is an amazing gift to give yourself and others, full of the profoundest wisdom, all beautifully enhanced by the masterful calligraphy and artwork. Keep this book by your side, move slowly through the pages, and allow the wisdom of each teaching to seep deep within. It is truly a gem! ~Reba Linker, author of, "Follow the Yarn"

“Not just another book about Praying” 

 “This book is an excellent choice for those who are first starting to explore a "prayer life" or for those who have been praying all their lives but want to explore a deeper and more satisfying prayer life.” ~Adelle D. John

“Very inspirational and motivating!” 

I decided to read one "Soul Adventure" a day. I read it and I internalize it. Each Soul Adventure is short and simple, but enough for you to work with. It gives you a lot to think about throughout your day. I've found them meaningful, inspirational and motivating. ~Shoshana Michel, Pianist

I loved this book!” 

“As a Christian exploring the Jewish roots of what I believe, I found this book helpful as a devotional aid. The artwork displays beautifully in the Kindle app on my iPad, and the meditations are full of encouragement to draw closer to my Creator. Rae's writing has a distinctly Jewish "voice" which delighted me completely. I'm looking forward to sharing the book with my friends, and to exploring her other books. ~ Susan Fleming  

“What an awesome Prayer Journal!!!”  

“A  MUST for anyone desiring a closer walk with G-d. ~Maria Lex 

About the Author

Rae Shagalov is a Jewish author, master calligrapher, and founder of whose mission is to ignite your spark!  Rae Shagalov helps you rediscover and deepen your Jewish spirituality with art, books and creative tools to inspire you to energize & elevate your Jewish connection.