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About Holy Sparks Jewish Art, Books & Inspirational Quotes for Kosher Spiritual & Personal Development

Jewish Art, Books & Inspirational Quotes
Ignite Your Spark!

Holy Sparks Jewish art and books for spiritual and personal development are unique because they integrate beautiful art with the inspiration of the deep, inner wisdom of the Torah and chassidus (deep Jewish mysticism).  All of my work is designed to give you very practical, joy-based action steps for infusing authentic Jewish spirituality into your daily life.

There is a holy spark hidden within each of us, a hidden holy spark in exile in each of us. When each one of us releases this Holy Spark by creating Holiness in this world, through our every day activities, in all of our relationships -- then G-d is released from His exile, too! 

You elevate the sparks of holiness in the world during the week. You struggle with the world and with yourself, and elevate the world as you elevate yourself and your desires. Leave the ordinary behind and seek out the Divine spark in all of your experiences!
But how?

Not Sure About Your Life Purpose or Mission?

You have a mission in this world and only you can fulfill it! If you're not sure what your mission and life purpose is, with G-d's help, I can help you discover it.

Getting Distracted from Your Life Purpose?

If you think you know what your life purpose is, but you're constantly getting distracted from it, my inspirational art and creative tools can help you stay more focused and effective.

Feel Like You Should Be Doing More?
Energize & Elevate Your Jewish Connection!

Holy Sparks Jewish Art, Books, and Inspirational Quotes can guide you when you just need some inspiration to get going or keep going. Just click on one of the links in the "How Can I Help You?" or "Categories" menu to instantly download the inspiration you need to ignite your spark!

Your next good deed could be that one that tips the scale of the whole world to redemption, wholeness and peace and the coming of Moshiach!

It would be an honor and a privilege for me to help you.

Contact us to:

  • Commission new art or books
  • Work with Rae on clarifying your life purpose or planning a creative project
  • Lead a Soul Journey workshop or birthday event for your group
  • Guide your team's creative project with memorable calligraphic recording
  • Interview Rae or feature her art or articles on your site
  • Sponsor or dedicate a book or video in honor of someone special