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Jewish Art Videos - Great Inspirational Life Quotes

Jewish Art Videos

Jewish Meditation Video
Book Trailer for
The Secret Art of Talking to God

Book Trailer for the 30 day creative prayer journal of Jewish meditation available on Amazon:

This Holy Sparks Soul Journey includes beautiful calligraphy, guided meditations, and creative journal prompts to help you navigate your challenges , establish a consistent meditation practice, and deepen your relationship with G-d in 30 days. Thank you Shoshana Michel, for the beautiful music!

Great Inspirational Life Quotes Art Videos

I have so enjoyed making these little vintage-style art videos. Each one is a 15 second meditation or inspirational life quote from the deep, secret traditions of the Jewish religion that I have learned over the last 20 years of learning  all about Orthodox Judaism and authentic Jewish beliefs.

This is my favorite 15 second meditation to instantly connect with G-d.

Take the Yetzer Hara Challenge
and Get Some Soul Tips for Mastering
That Self-Defeating Voice In you!

Do you ever feel tired, irritable, anxious, angry, scared, or depressed?
Here's a 15 second Jewish meditation to release your negative emotions immediately!

Here's an inspirational artwork I created to help release stress and relieve feelings of pressure and overwhelm: