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Joyfully Jewish Life Book Landing Page 2.2018

Wish me a mazel tov and celebrate with me!

I am so excited to announce that by the grace of G-d I have completed volume one of the new Joyfully Jewish series, “Create Your Joyfully Jewish Life! A 30 Day Step-by Step Workbook and Creative Journal” See below to find out how you can get the Kindle version for FREE on Feb. 18.
G-d willing, I'm going to celebrate with my friends with a virtual book launch party on Facebook on Feb. 18th at 7:00 pm & Feb. 19th at 1:00 pm Pacific time. I hope you'll join me! 
Create Your Joyfully Jewish Life in 30 Days! Inspirational strategies, 30 creative Jewish Soul Adventures & Relaxing coloring pages to enjoy, including: 
  • Beautiful calligraphy Torah Artnotes to inspire you
  • Guided meditations to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Creative action steps to improve your life in just 5-10 minutes each day!
  • Mini Retreats for your soul
  • 7 Spiritual Super Powers to help you live a soul-guided life!
  • Gift page for gifting the book for birthdays, bar & bat mitzvah & more!


"Wow wow wow. I’m blown away! This book is a giant step for humanity!  And the beautiful layout really makes u feel like in a comfort zone of introspection and healing" 
~Miriam Yerushalmi, author of Reaching New Heights Through Prayer and Meditation~
 It’s available now in paperback for just $14.95 HERE.
How You Can Help and Get the Book for Free!
On Feb. 18, 19th & 20th the Kindle version of “Create Your Joyfully Jewish Life” will be FREE as a gift for you! I would love for you to download it. DOWNLOAD IT FREE ON FEB. 18 HERE! 
Don't have a Kindle device?  No worries! You can use the Kindle App on your computer, phone or tablet to read the book! Get the app here.
It would be super helpful if you could leave a review on Amazon after you download the Kindle version or buy the paperback. Thank you so much!

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Scroll down the page until you reach the review section, where you will see a button that reads, "Write a review"

You will be taken to a page that shows a set of stars - click on the stars to reflect your rating of the book - one star is a poor rating; five stars is excellent - then write your review in the space provided.  




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