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Judaism Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s up with the B”H and why don’t you spell out G-d?
B”H is an abbreviation for the Hebrew words “Baruch Hashem,” which means, “Blessed be G‑d.” Traditionally, Jewish people put this at the top of the page to remind us that everything comes from G-d — including the contents of the communication to follow. We do not write G-d’s name in a place where it may be discarded or erased. Treating G-d’s name with reverence is a way to give respect to G-d.

2. How is your calligraphy and coaching different from other calligraphers and coaches?

G-d has blessed me with a talent for listening for truth, so that I can help you understand more clearly the truth of your situation.  By combining calligraphy and coaching, with G-d’s help, I am able to create a visual guide to help you focus on what is most important and meaningful for you, in a way that literally draws out of you the insights that lie within you.  The art then draws you back into the pleasure of the original experience so that you can review and integrate your insights to help you reach higher levels in your life and work.

3. Rae, it’s amazing to watch you create an artwork while you’re listening to a speaker.  How do you do that?

I am blessed that G-d has trusted me with this beautiful gift. I was trained in traditional calligraphy and after decades of study and writing, it is now my natural handwriting. When I listen, I use a special meditative technique of “emptying self of self,” so that my mind can be a clear vessel for receiving.  By connecting to G-d and clearing my mind of my own thoughts, I am able to listen for what resonates with me as truth and draw it on the page.

4. Do I have to be Orthodox or Jewish to benefit from Holy Sparks art, books, programs or services?  Can I commission art or do coaching with you if I am not Jewish?

You do not have to be Jewish or even familiar with the Torah to benefit from or enjoy my art or other services. The beauty, application and truth of Torah transcends to all!  Just please know that when it comes to coaching or artistically conveying spiritual teachings, quotes, or philosophies, as a Chassidic Jewish artist, I only work through authentic Orthodox Torah sources and am unable to include any religious ideas or quotes that come from other religious sources.

5. Do you do Ketubahs (Jewish wedding contracts)?

I do not write or fill in names on ketubahs at this time.

6. Why do you only coach women?  Would you coach my husband/son?

The Torah is very wise and careful about relationships between men and women. Since coaching has the potential to create close relationships and emotional connections between coach and client, I only do private coaching with women.  I can, however, create a Calligraphic Map for husband and wife, or Family Maps for parents and children. I also do talent coaching with boys or girls in a school setting.

7. What do I do if I want to sign up for coaching?

Use the Contact button above and send me your contact information and request with the three best times to reach you. G-d willing, my assistant or I will contact you to schedule an Inspiration Consultation so that we can get to know each other and discover if my services are a good fit for your needs.

8. What do I do if I want to commission an artwork or book from you?

Great! I can’t wait to discover what wonderful things we might create together. Please use the the Contact button above and briefly describe your idea, project or request, with all of your contact information and three good times to reach you.  Then my assistant or I will contact you to schedule a free Inspiration Consultation to discuss your ideas in detail and to see how we might co-create something wonderful together.

9. How long does it take you to do an art commission or book?

Every commission is unique. I prefer to have at least one month’s advance notice to complete an art commission, and one to six months for a book project, depending on its length and complexity.

Your interest in my work is no accident. It means we have the potential to elevate some Holy Sparks and do great things together. I can’t wait to learn about your ideas about the ways we might collaborate to bring something new and wonderful into the world, so, let’s get started! Click the button below to contact me today!