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About Rae Shagalov, Jewish Artist and Author

Meet Rae Shagalov
Jewish Artist, Calligrapher & Author

Rae Shagalov is a Jewish artist, writer and master calligrapher, currently living in Los Angeles, who has been developing and refining her craft for over 30 years. In her sketchbooks is a rare and extra-ordinary journey of a Jewish artist's spiritual journey. Over 3,000 pages of lively and engaging calligraphic notes contain Jewish wisdom from hundreds of Torah, Jewish mysticism and kabbalah classes on every major theme in Judaism. These calligraphic pages are, for the most part, copies of actual notes written during the classes.

Jewish Artist's Statement

"Ten years ago, I made the best decision I have ever made in my life when I began to explore my Jewish heritage from the inside. I have always been a seeker of truth and searched for spiritual truth in many places. As I was growing up, I never had access to the deeper, inner wisdom of Judaism, so as an adult, I never expected to find a meaningful experience in Jewish practice. Was I ever wrong!!!

About nine years ago, I decided to live according to Jewish law and Torah wisdom. I started to keep Shabbos  and eat only Kosher food. I found my first teacher of Jewish wisdom, Rebbetzin Hinda Langer, who lives in San Francisco 300 miles away!

By taking these 3 steps, keeping Shabbos, eating Kosher, and finding a Jewish spiritual mentor,  I began to find the most amazing spiritual treasures that were my own inheritance all along. As my dear friend and mentor, Rebbetzin Langer says, "I just think a Jew should be Jewish!"  

Almost 6,000 years of Torah wisdom (and my own experience, and that of thousands of other returning Jews) proves that If you are Jewish, your soul can only be truly fulfilled when you live according to the Torah. It has  been (and continues to be) an amazing journey every day - nothing less than the journey to the Infinite!

May you blessed with your own exciting journey through the path of Torah and mitzvahs!

Any mistakes in my work are my own and do not reflect in any way on my amazing teachers."

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Here is a interview of Rabbi Finman interviewing Rae for his radio show, "The Jewish Hour."