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Press Kit for Rae Shagalov
Jewish Artist, Author & Innovative Educator


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Review copies of Rae Shagalov’s books are available upon Request.

Rae is eager to share the beauty and wisdom of Torah through her 3,000 pages of beautifully designed Artnotes and to share the special message of this exciting time in Jewish History. Rae considers her Artnotes to be her ethical will, one long love letter to the Jewish people, and a thank you note to G-d.

Rae’s mission is to inspire the Jewish people on their unique Soul Journey and encourage them to use their creative talents, big or small, to energize themselves, nurture their families and communities, and make this world a dwelling place for G-d. Through her Soul Journey book-signing workshops, Rae helps busy Jewish women stay inspired, focused, and motivated to creatively fulfill their unique purpose in this world.

Rae lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Rabbi Y.Y. Shagalov, founder of the Moshiach Awareness Center. In addition to publishing her books and artnotes, Rae is director of the Library Talent Center at Emek Hebrew Academy, where she runs an innovative creativity program and gardens with 500 children in their award-winning school garden.

20 Minute Sample Radio Interview,
Headshots, Cover Images & More Below:

This is an interview with Rabbi Herschel Finman on The Jewish Hour radio show.

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The Secret Art of Talking to God
Available in hardcover, paperback & Kindle editions HERE.

Praise for the Secret Art of Talking to G-d

“A burst of spiritual energy”  
Cindy Abrams
“You can see and feel Rae’s soul in her work. Her handwritten text is very alive, dynamic, active – a burst of spiritual energy.”

“Little boosts of light!” 
Esther Ginsburg, Producer of Miracle Days
I surround myself with Rae’s art in my home office. I love that whenever I get overwhelmed or discouraged, I can just look up and the Holy Sparks Artnotes are like little boosts of light that help me turn my dark thoughts into positive action.”    

“Not just another book about Praying” 
Adelle D. John
 “This is not just another very well written book on subject material that is trendy at the moment, but a book written from the heart, full of soul itself, and rather than being a book you read about learning to pray, it is a book that you pray--words that you help you experience in the now--your own way to talk to your Creator. Is an excellent choice for those who are first starting to explore a "prayer life" or for those who have been praying all their lives but want to explore a deeper and more satisfying prayer life or a new perspective to their prayer life.”

A gem of a book!  Reba Linker, Author of Follow the Yarn
“Rae Shagalov's beautiful book is an amazing gift to give yourself and others, full of the profoundest wisdom, all beautifully enhanced by the masterful calligraphy and artwork. Keep this book by your side, move slowly through the pages, and allow the wisdom of each teaching to seep deep within. It is truly a gem!”

“Very inspirational and motivating!”  Shoshana Michel 
“I decided to read one "Soul Adventure" a day. I read it and I internalize it. Each Soul Adventure is short and simple, but enough for you to work with. It gives you a lot to think about throughout your day. I've found them meaningful, inspirational and motivating. Even though this ebook is geared towards the Jewish faith I think that anyone can benefit from it.”

I loved this book!"    Susan Fleming
“As a Christian exploring the Jewish roots of what I believe, I found this book helpful as a devotional aid. The artwork displays beautifully in the Kindle app on my iPad, and the meditations are full of encouragement to draw closer to my Creator. Rae's writing has a distinctly Jewish "voice" which delighted me completely. I'm looking forward to sharing the book with my friends, and to exploring her other books."

“What an awesome Prayer Journal!!!"
  Maria Lex
"I am so excited to begin reading this Prayer Journal! I am not Jewish, but I have been interested in and studied some things about Judaism. I knew the Jewish people did not spell G-d's name out but didn't know why until now. I am looking forward to this 30-day journey. I know it will help me as well as anyone who reads it. I have read "A Lesson A Day" by Chofetz Chaim in the past. This book is somewhat like that. . . I would say a MUST for anyone desiring a closer walk with G-d."

“Meditation with Purpose and Focus"  Tracy Tennant  "Equipping Christians"  
"Rae's book is inspirational and informative. One of the things I like about it is that the 30-days of what she calls "Soul Adventures" are purposeful. This isn't about mind-emptying and mantras, but about finding and connecting with G-d through meaningful reflection. For those unfamiliar with Jewish terminology, Rae provides simple explanations. Her beautiful hand-drawn artwork and calligraphy adorns the pages. I found this Creative Prayer Journal to be uplifting, and it encourages me to deepen my spiritual walk. I think this book will touch the hearts of Jews and G-d-fearing gentiles alike. I'm not Jewish, but Rae's messages of hope and encouragement have already touched mine!"

“To be treasured and savoured”  Carol Lee Martin 
"In the search for meaning in an oft chaotic world, this book by Rae Shagalov, is to be treasured and savoured. An exploration of prayer and meditation, Rae's wisdom and insight, together with beautiful art and calligraphy,are precious gifts to all who read it. This is a truly inspirational book and will be a source both of joy and encouragement to those on their soul's journey."

What's a Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?
Available as a printable e-book HERE.

  • Clarify your purpose, priorities, and values
  • Recognize and overcome all the disguises of the Yetzer Hara
  • Maximize your strengths and talents to create an amazingly meaningful, happy, and soul-guided life
  • Stay focused on what’s most important to you
  • Increase your faith and trust in G-d while you create an infinitely expanding
    with the Master of the Universe!

The Passover Soul Kit
Available in Kindle Edition HERE
or as a printable e-book HERE.

The Secret Art of Jewish Life
Forthcoming 30 Volume Series of Rae Shagalov's Artnotes


Have more questions about Rae's work and Judaism in general?  Have a look here for Rae's Frequently Asked Questions & Facts on Judaism!