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Contact Rae Shagalov to:

  • Commission new art, books or videos
  • Work with Rae on clarifying your life purpose or planning a creative project
  • Lead an inspiring & creative Soul Journey workshop or birthday event for you or your group
  • Guide your team's creative project with memorable calligraphic recording
  • Interview Rae or feature her art, videos or articles on your site
  • Sponsor or dedicate a book or video in honor of someone special 




Picture from a Soul Journey Creative Workshop

"The women loved it!" ~Mrs. Sara Labkowski, Director, Machon Chana


"Rae's program reminded me that I am obligated to express the talent and passion that G-d endowed me with." ~Mrs. Sterna Citron, Los Angeles Shlucha, Ahavas Yisroel


"Thank you so much, Rae Shagalov, for the superb workshop this morning! Your inspiration and fun, easy techniques helped me to identify what obstacle I'll work to overcome this coming year! Looking forward to the next time you have ANY workshop!" ~Cena Abergel



Creative Programs & FREE Coaching

  • Free coaching for shluchim and shluchos for big-picture planning and brainstorming - This is my gift to the Rebbe for you!

  • Moshiach farbrengens with my husband, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Shagalov, featuring stories of growing up in Crown Heights, lots of niggunim, Chabad history, inspiring stories of the Rebbe and chassidim, and personal tips for connecting to our holy Rebbe

  • Art Shows, Book Signing Events & Soul Journey hands-on, creative workshops for women, based on my book & course, "What's a Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?

Rabbi Shagalov is the Director of Enlightenment for the Blind serving visually impaired Jews. He is the editor of volume 1 of comments & footnotes to HaYom Yom and publisher of 13 books through Kehot. He has published Living with Moshiach, a weekly large print Torah digest for over 20 years. 

Educators & Parents

Are your children under-challenged, bored, restless, creative?
Looking for an innovative, project-based learning program for your school or center?

  • Develop the interests and talents of your children or students

  • Guide children in creating their own dynamic Bar/Bas Mitzvah & Chesed projects

  • Learn how to set up an amazing creative environment for less than $50
  • Book a consultation on how to set up our dynamic Extra Challenge creativity program in your home, school, library, shul or camp

  • More than 20 years experience guiding children to develop their creativity, self-confidence & leadership skills

Rae Shagalov is the director of the Library Talent Center creativity program at Emek Hebrew Academy where she creatively guides hundreds of children daily. She has developed many award-winning innovating programs and enjoys gardening with 500 children in the school garden she created with them.