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What's a Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?

Week Two: Sing Your Good Points

Introduction & Overview

          In the second week, you will explore your unique talents, strengths and desires that are your special tools for accomplishing your mission in partnership with G-d.  Your friends and family will help you identify them and you will begin to develop and elevate them to a higher level in service of G-d. This week’s adventures will culminate in the creation of your mission statement which will help you clarify your purpose and give you a tool for defining and focusing all of your goals and actions throughout the rest of your life.  You will use the spiritual power tools of Mitzvahs & Lovingkindness and Blessing to help you further strengthen your connection to G-d, and to focus and actualize your special holy mission, using your personal talents and strengths to go beyond yourself.

          On Day Eight, you will identify and acknowledge your unique talents and strengths.

          On Day Nine, you will explore how you can use your talents and strengths to create a partnership with G-d to refine this world and prepare it as a dwelling place for G-d.  You will examine the good things you are already doing, and learn how to go beyond yourself even further in the good you are bringing into this world, by deepening your connection to G-d through the spiritual power tool of Mitzvahs.

          On Days Ten and Eleven, you will examine your deepest desires, the clues that G-d has given you to guide you to your holy purpose. You will test your desires to be sure they are coming from the side of holiness; then you will learn how to make small changes to satisfy your desires in ways that also satisfy G-d. 

          On Days Twelve and Thirteen, you will use all of that you have discovered so far from your innermost self and use it to create an Ethical Will to guide your family, and to create your Personal Mission Statement to guide all of your goals and actions throughout your life.

          On Day Fourteen, you will experience a taste of the World-To-Come on the Sabbath, the day of rest, prayer and reflection.  You will experience a sense of completion of the week’s work, and also of your life’s work – your mission statement fulfilled.  After the Sabbath you will use your spiritual power of Blessing to help your family or friends reach a higher level of expanded soul, and to help you bring what you desire into being.